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Anchorstrong Construction’s house leveling service can fix doors or windows that won’t close and can return your floors to their original position. The ground beneath our feet and our homes is not always as solid as we think. Seismic activity, especially in Southern California causes a significant amount of movement within your structure. This movement along with settlement in the soil can cause your house to shift. As a result, floors in your home may begin to slope or become uneven. Through the process of floor leveling, we are able to stop and reverse the damage that movement causes, both cosmetically and structurally. Our foundation specialists will fully assess your foundation and floor system, write a detailed quote and provide you with all options to mitigate these problems.

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Anchorstrong's Zach Soetenga on KXP 1070 discussing earthquake or seismic retrofitting and how it can help California homeowners prevent earthquake damage

Anchorstrong Construction recently spoke with KNX 1070 Radio about some of the ways house bolting, foundation repair or an earthquake retrofit can help protect your home in the event of an earthquake. Listen here for for more!

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