Foundation Repair Questions

How do I know if I have a foundation problem?

Foundation problems can start out little and get big quickly. While there are many foundation problems that should be diagnosed by a specialist, there are a few indicators that you can see for yourself. Cracks in your exterior stucco walls and above window and door frames are an indicator of movement within the structure. Many times this movement is a result of a sub standard or damaged foundation. Uneven or sloping floors are also something to look for. If you have any of the above indicators, it is best to have a foundation repair specialist examine the property more thoroughly.

Do I need to be present for the foundation inspection?

You do not need to be present for a foundation inspection. Unless you are interested in re-leveling your floors, our foundation specialists only need access underneath the house. Typical homes have crawlspace entrances at the exterior perimeter. However, some homes may have interior access points through interior hallways or closets. If this were the case, we would need the homeowner to be present and provide access inside the home.

How do you determine how to repair a foundation?

Our trained foundation repair specialists and foundation inspectors take their time with each and every property. We begin at the exterior and work our way throughout the inside portions of the crawlspace. Any observed problems are noted while your inspector works up a comprehensive solution. The scope of work needed will primarily be based on city code requirements. That being said, each quote is catered to the budget and specific needs of the individual in need of foundation repair.

Can I postpone foundation repairs and house leveling?

The foundation is a top priority in terms of the structural integrity of a home. Living in a seismically active zone can cause small problems with a foundation to become much larger and much more costly problems down the road. Regardless of the repairs needed, small or big, postponing foundation repairs is not recommended.

How much does an average foundation repair job cost?

Foundation repair and House bolting cost varies depending on the type of structure, age, access and severity of the problem. Our foundation specialists can work up a comprehensive estimate for you the same day of the inspection.

Does insurance cover the cost of foundation repair?

Many insurance providers help cover the cost of foundation repairs. Anchorstrong Construction can communicate with your insurance provider to get clear answers as to what is covered and what isn’t. House bolting or Earthquake retrofitting typically is not covered. However, many insurance providers may require the foundation be bolted or retrofit prior to issuing the policy.

Do you provide references?

A list of local references can be provided at the request of a home owner. Anchorstrong Construction also has an A rating with the BBB and great reviews on both Yelp and Angies List.

How do I know whether my house needs earthquake improvements?

As a general rule of thumb, if your home was built before 1950, you could use earthquake improvements. That being said, sometimes structures built in the 60s and 70s are in need of seismic upgrades as well. The amount of earthquake improvements needed typically increases the older the structure is. While a 1920’s structure may need 3 to 4 improvements, a 1950’s structure may only be lacking 1 to 2. As structures get newer, so do the building codes associated with them. The newer the structure, the more likely building codes required seismic attachments in the sub structure.

Do I need a building permit to do my earthquake improvements?

While a seismic upgrade is a voluntary upgrade, there is in fact an applicable permit to apply for within your local department of building and safety. In addition to that, we take care of meeting the city inspectors when they visit the job site to pass a required final inspection.

My house already has foundation bolts. Does it need more strengthening?

It is possible that while a structure may have some foundation bolts, it could still use additional strengthening. Bolting the sill plate is only one of several attachments needed when retrofitting a foundation. In addition to that, the existing foundation bolts may be sub standard. Bolts may be undersized, infrequently placed or rusted to a point where strength is lacking. One of our foundation inspectors can examine your property and advise you if this is the case.

Repair Process Questions

How long will my foundation repairs take?

The severity of the foundation repairs will ultimately determine the amount of time needed to complete the work. While a typical retrofitting or house bolting job may only take 2-3 days, replacing an entire foundation might take up to two weeks. Anchorstrong Construction is flexible with scheduling. We can work around your schedule or your tenants schedule to accommodate a smooth and stress free job installation.

Do you clean the property after the job is complete?

Absolutely. Every jobsite will be left exactly how we found it. In some cases, probably cleaner. All debris created from installations is removed and properly recycled or disposed of.

Will fixing my foundation close the existing cracks or open new ones?

While in many cases the work being done is designed to help prevent further cracking, unfortunately fixing your foundation will not necessarily eliminate existing cracks in your exterior walls or stucco.

Will I be able to sell my home after the repairs are done?

We work with both homebuyers and sellers on a regular basis. While we do provide our own recommendations, we can work based off of the general inspectors recommendations if requested. Whatever the problem or request from buyer or seller is, we can be flexible and work to complete the repairs or estimate as to not delay the sale of the home.

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